Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Herbal Support Blends: SLENDER

Day 2:   SLENDER

You drink enough water to fill a lake,  you eat healthy and know it is the dreaded head hunger!  Slender to the Rescue!

Benefits!  Many people have used acupressure for weight loss by finding points on the body that can relieve pressure on the digestive system.  Learning how to use acupressure for weight loss, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you reach your fitness goals.

Suggested Use:  Use on ear lobes "Appetite Suppressant Point" on middle of Tragus point on outside of ear on both sides.  Also rub behind the ears to stimulate metabolism.  Pituitary Pump will also be demonstrated to regulate hormones

Key Ingredients:
               Peppermint Essential Oil:  Peppermint is an 
               excellent aid to digestion.  If can help you lose
              weight by working on the part of the brain that
              triggers the feeling of being full when you eat.
              Grapefruit Essential Oil:  Just inhaling the vapor of the grapefruit in the 
              slender blend can ward off hunger pains.  Not only does Pink Grapefruit 
              help to diminish people's appetites,  but it also helps improve digestion
             and metabolism.
            Orange:  Sweet Orange is known for its anti-depressant qualities and 
            ability to soothe that hungry mind.

Cold Pressed Grapeseed is the lightest carrier oil and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, C and A as well as resveratrol which helps fight free radical and damage from the elements.

Just absolutely loved to breath in the citrus scent of Slender, perfect for supporting a healthy life style before or after you eat.

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kungphoo said...

I really like all the uses that the oils provide.. i use them for headaches..