Monday, March 31, 2014

April Shower Mystery Hostess Event!
April is one of my favorite months . . .
I am so looking forward to April and the Spring. . . after the winter we have all had I'm looking forward to APRIL SHOWERS
One of you will be very lucky,  Jordan Essentials as you could be the APRIL SHOWERS MYSTERY HOSTESS and receive all the Hostess Benefits!
It’s easy,  just drop into our Mystery Hostess Party  and place your order
Our April Showers Mystery Hostess Event will be running during the Month of April, so do not miss your chance to be my Next Mystery Hostess and receive ALL the Benefits.

There are so many ways to enter:
1 entry for every $10.00 Spent
1 entry for every Magnesium Lotion Purchased
1 entry for every Lip Butter purchased
5 extra entries for purchasing any of our Basic Sets
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1 entry for following me on facebook
1 entry for joining my "Jordan Essentials Tuesday Tips Newsletter"
1 entry for requesting a full catalog
2 entries for requesting a career catalog

Every week on Sunday evening we will draw a winner  from ALL the entries so far in April for a  Jordan Essentials gift certificate good on your next purchase!
There will also be "Surprise Showers of Prizes" all during the month of April!
Let the April Showers Begin!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fact Friday: A Defination of Dermal Absorption


from the Ancent Minerals Website

The skin, the largest organ of the body, has three primary functions:
  • Temperature control
  • Detoxification
  • Barrier function
While one function of the skin, its barrier function, is to keep water and moisture in while keeping germs and toxins out, the skin’s other functions, temperature control and detoxification, could not occur if the skin was truly a complete barrier.
When you sweat, for example, you are both controlling your body’s temperature and naturally excreting toxins through your skin. If you can push out toxins, you can pull them in as well. One example of this phenomenon is that fact that a person who regularly uses underarm deodorant containing aluminum will actually show aluminum content in a fecal or urine test.

A Definition of Dermal Absorption

In fact, many substances do pass into the body from the outer surface of the skin and into the circulation. To understand how this works, imagine a tightly woven fabric. While from a distance it may appear impervious, at close range it is actually highly porous.  It is this porous nature of the skin, with its millions of tiny openings, that allows not only sweat and other toxins to escape, but also enables the absorption of some substances.
The process is known as dermal absorption. Once a substance passes through the outer layers of skin, it passes into the lymph and local vascular (blood vessel) system and soon after into the bloodstream.1
how magnesium is absorbed through the skin
Routes of Absorption of Topical Magnesium
While the exact mechanisms of skin transfer are yet to be completely understood, three routes of penetration have been hypothesized:
  • Intercellular Skin Absorption, which occurs between the cells of the “stratum corneum”, the outermost layer of the skin
  • Transcellular Skin Absorption, where substances actually pass through the skin cells themselves
  • Skin Absorption Through the Follicles and Glands, also known as ”appendageal absorption”, which may also exhibit ”reservoir effects” in which substances may be stored within the glands for absorption over time

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fact Friday: Brief History of Transdermal Delivery


From Ancent Minerals Website

Humans have been using the skin as a direct pathway into the body for centuries, and only recently have we begun to understand the science behind it.
mineral bath england
Ancient Roman Bath in Bath, England
Many people are familiar with the healing properties of saunas, used quite often for detox and general well-being. Saunas are the closest modern equivalent to the ancient practice of “balneology”, a healing method that can be traced to antiquity.
Ancient treatments in fact involved a variety of transdermal therapies ranging from mineral baths, to herbal compresses, to mud packs, to steam and sweat lodges. These topical remedies were not limited to one culture, but were a part of many of the documented societies spread throughout the world.
  • In Homer’s Odyssey he frequently mentions the bathing habits of his heroes, drawing repeated attention to the significance of the deed. In the tenth century Paul of Aegina, a great physician, discusses balneology in a medical text, specifically detailing various forms of mineral waters for different ailments.
  • The city of Bath in England took its name from the hot mineral springs it contains. The traditional tale of its origins told of how the son of an ancient king contracted leprosy. After he was banished from the palace he found the mineral waters in Bath and returned miraculously healed of the disease.
  • When Ponce de Leon and Hernando DeSoto sought the “Fountain of Youth” in the new world, many speculate that the exaggerated tales that arose referenced the healing properties of a mineral-dense geothermal spring. Prior to commercialization, these same hot springs were a place where the native Indian populations would bring their sick or wounded, and would fight viciously to protect what they felt was sacred ground.
More recent examples of topical and transdermal therapies can be found from the 18th through the early 20th century and eventually led to the technological advancements seen today. Throughout Europe, the skin as a gateway for medical therapy became increasingly popular in the late 18th century. In an age where open wounds often led to infection, topical remedies were favored over risky surgeries. For instance, soaking in sulfurous mineral baths became a widespread treatment for gout, which might otherwise have meant amputation.
Early editions of the United States Pharmacoepia (USP) contained several plasters, pastes applied with a cloth binding cover, which are precursors to current transdermal patches.  Similarly, herbalists utilize compresses and ointments based on the healing properties of plants.
In the same way that modern science has not only verified but also capitalized on traditional knowledge of the power of herbs and plant constituents, ongoing studies today explore the mechanisms of skin absorption, gradually confirming the practices of healers from before written history.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Lip Primer

Our amazing Lotion Bar is the most unique lotion you will ever use! Made with beeswax and natural oils, your hands will be incredibly soft & smooth....but there are endless ways to LOVE your JE Lotion Bar:

Tip #12-use as a lip primer before you apply your favorite color of Lip Butter, it'll wear longer and your lips will be soft and healthy!

Jordan Essenitals carries both Lip Tubes and Lip Primer to help protect your lips and help your lipbutter last longer.  However,  if you're like me,  you don't always have your lip primer with you,  but I always have a lotion bar in my purse or tote.

The above pictured lotion bar is our Grapefruit Lime Essential Oil Lotion Bar,  but they are available in all Signature and Essential oil scents,  including unscented.

  • A tangy, fresh squeezed citrus scent. Very refreshing!
  • The most unique lotion you will ever use!
  • Made with beeswax and natural oils, your hands & feet will be soft and beautiful! Place bar of lotion in hands, rub and go!
  • Invented by our Founder!

  • Comes in a charming decorative travel tin.