Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Recycling Tips . .

Tip Tuesday

Happy Earth Day!!

Here are a few great tips for recycling some of the Jordan Essentials Packaging in honor of Earth Day.

Lotion Bar Tin:   Use for storage of beads,  pins and other small items.   I've just sent some empty tins to my Niece for a girl scout project that she needed them for.

Salt Scub and Shea Butter Tubs:   These make great storage items for bitter stuff.  I keep one in my kitchen,  and put the  soda can tabs in (as one of the ladies in my office has a niece that saves them to make purses out of them).  When it's full I just hand the the tub and start on the next one.

Soap containers:  I keep one in my kitchen drawer,  and all the school award points that I get off the cans, bags and boxes that I use go in there.  Then when full I give it to my nephew for use at the kids school.

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