Monday, April 7, 2014

Inhaling Essential Oils

As promised today I am sharing about the different ways to "INHALE" essential oils.    I've always been one for opening the bottle and breathing in.   I have used the Tea Tree Oil for years to help with my allergies.  The I did my research and  it was almost like a "duh" moment.   Thinking to myself why didn't I think of that!

One of my favorites is the  STEAM Method.   I've been using a version of this by dropping a three or four drops in a hot shower to help in clearing up my nasal passages,  in the morning.  Then I was out of luck.  For some reason I never thought about boiling a bowl of water adding the essential oils and breathing in while placing a towel over my head and breathing deeply (at least trying)  for relief during the day.   It is suggested that when using the towel,  to be sure and keep your eyes closed as it's very potent.   

  • TIP:  Try using swimming goggles to protect children's eyes when using this method.

Humidifiers:  Like many of us,  we keep a humidifier at home for the kids.  I keep a small one in my travel bag as I never know when the extremely dry air will bother me.   Never though of putting the essential oils in it,  until the doctor told me to add some eucalyptus oil to it to help with my allergies last month.  I travel with my essential oils,  so adding them when needed is not a problem.   Might even add the Orange and Peppermint for a great smelling motel room  next time.

Dry Evaporation:  Add several drops of essential oil onto a cotton  ball and set on your desk,  or by you while you are watching TV.  Need a stronger dose then just pick it up and sniff it.  

  • TIP:  I'm told that if you have a spider problem,  put some peppermint on a cotton ball and stick it in a corner near where you are having the problem,  it will help take care of the problem    

Spray:  Mix a few drops of essential oils in a water based solution an spray the sir  to deodorize a room or set a mood.     Personally I love mixing it with a base spray that I get from Jordan Essentials.

  • TIP:   Try mixing Orange and Peppermint together for that Holiday feeling,  or peppermint for to stimulate alertness.
I have to admit that I'm learning daily about essential oils,  some of it is by trail and error,  but I'm enjoying the discovery.   Please feel free to check out some of my older posts for more tips and information about essential oils.

You are invited to contact me directly for more information while I continue on my quest for more knowledge on healthier living with essential oils.


Khloé Belle Gadson said...

I want to try all of these especially the one to set a mood. I woke up in a funky one today and would love to try that one right about now.

Great tips.

Keep it Touched,

Amanda Kendle said...

Lovely ideas - I have used oils in my son's humidifier before and it's great.