Thursday, April 17, 2014

Testimony Thursday! How it began . . .

This week I've been participating in "Open Heart - Open House"  on facebook.   I absolutely LOVE the testimony and the "why" of  their reasoning for starting a business.   For the first time Nancy Bogart, CEO of Jordan Essentials  shared her "why" of how her business got it's start.  It was very inspirational.

I guess I better share my JE story!

I started Jordan Essentials in my kitchen. We had three little boys at home and I did not want to go back to work when the bills were more than my bliss! 
My dear hubby kept saying “Nanc, you need to get a job.” What I heard was “Nanc bring in an income and you can be with the boys.”
I figured if I made some things people might buy them. I was always crafty, creative and tenacious! I was at Barns and Noble on a rare day in town, no kids in tow to see my sister in the hospital. I found a book on pioneer women and how they made soaps and lotions. They used bars of lard to moisturize their hands. My Grandmother had solid perfume bars too my sister and I would play with as we dressed up at Grandmas house. I started gathering ideas and saw a few things that inspired me and I invented the Lotion Bar. I was sure it would be a cool product and yet really worked! My Mom helped me pour all night long as we got ready for my first craft fair. We sold out! One week later we did again and after just 3 events we had sold over $7000 and we knew we had something. We have sold and hand poured almost 3 million bars to date!
We incorporated on faith Feb 8, 2000 as BarnzB Inc doing business as Country Bunny Bath and Body. BarnzB is Ben- Alex- Annya (she came along 3 years later) Ron- Nancy- Zak- Bogart Barnz B!
I love what this company has become and now we do business as Jordan Essentials bath and body, a family skin care company with a focus on wellness and effective products for the whole family.
I am still in awe of what the Lord has done in my life and the lives of so many others. We see people transformed, loved, honored, get well, feel pampered and educated on so many levels.
I often pinch myself to think this little house wife is trusted to run the company and serve so many people.  . . . . . 

What is your why?  Why do you do what you do?  Are you looking for something different?


Nick said...

Good blog!

Geniece Brown said...

Hi Cathy. What an awesome story of how your business got started. It's very inspirational and motivating for me as a business owner and mother who desires to be home full-time with my children. Thank you so much for sharing.