Thursday, April 3, 2014

ThursdayTestimonial: Winning the Battle of Acne

When you look at my skin now,  it's hard to believe that I spent so many years battling acne.  Not only the pimples,  but the black heads and the white heads.    Yes,  a lot of my friends were going through the same thing,  however when their battles ended mine seemed to be ongoing.  Right through my teen years, into my 20's.   At 30 it was still a battle but luckily it was a fight that I was winning.

But when I see others going through the same problem,  I understand that it's just not about the battle of the bumps,  but can quickly become a battle of selfesteem.   Trying to blend into the background,  hoping that no one will notice all the blemishes.    That maybe if you  aren't around people,  then no one will stare at you or be insensitive enough to comment about the newest outbreak.

Since joining Jordan Essentials,  I've learned a lot more about acne.  Including that for many it's not simply a matter of washing your face daily,  but a bacterial problem.  I've seen how that effects the selfesteem of those fighting the battle.

One of our Jordan Essentials customers  (pictures shared with permission), was fighting the Acne battle,  and agreed to the before pictures,  even though she was uncomfortable with anyone taking her pictures because of  her problem.

In winning her battle was important to understand it was a process  but one that helped her to improve her selfesteem.   

The world is tough enough and we're happy that we were able to help Marianna WIN!


Marya said...

Great results! Thanks for sharing!

AmyG said...

Wow! This lovely young lady has really had quite an improvement! No wonder she looks so happy! Impressive!

Amaia said...

the results are incredible! Are the products available in Singapore? I'd be keen to test them!

Amaia said...

hello, are the products available in Singapore? the results on the picture look amazing!

Cathy said...

Amy, yes it is amazing, but I see it time and time again, however we can't always get before pictures.

I just kept asking myself where was this stuff when I needed it. . . my face did not like all the stri-dex, noxema and clearsil that I was using on it (am I telling my age?

Cathy said...

Amaia, not as of yet in Singapore, please email me at and let's check out some things.

Also check out the webstore at

lisa prince said...

so pleased this has worked for you