Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tip: April 15th can you say Stress

April 15th is a MAJOR STRESS generator for many of us.   While I personally take the easy way out and file an extension.  I know many others are focused on getting this out of the way so that they don't have to worry about it further.

Essential Oils and Herbal blends are a GREAT way to help relieve some of that stress.

Here is a quick tip to help.   Take your herbal blend roll in a circular motion on one hand.  Rub hands together and cup hands together and breathe deep.

If you're able to take a 5 minute break at your desk or find a quiet place away from the kids and use the blend on pressure points on your hands or massage the back of you neck.   If you are a praying person, recite your favorite Scripture and breathe deep.  Apply to palms and behind the ear.

** On a personal note,  I take the easy way and just use the Jordan Essentials Herbal Support Blend "Peace"


Hillary Reist said...

It's super important to try to be as calm and relaxed as possible during tax season, but it's so hard to. Thanks for the post!

Pamela said...

what kind of essential oil helps with stress?

Barbara said...

What a great idea to relieve stress. Thanks for the tip.

joangogreenlivegreen said...

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing:)

Cathy said...

Pamela, I've had several people ask me an I've added an additional blog post with more information. It should be up in about 20 minutes.