Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Wednesday: How do you decide?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be interviewed during a "google hangout" sponsored by "Shepreneur's Virtual International Trade Show".   It was a great experience,  I spoke a little about Jordan Essentials and why I choose it over every other company that I looked at 13 years ago.  I know how hard of a decision it was for me then.  So with so many more companies out there it has to be even more difficult now.

While I LOVE to talk about Jordan Essentials.  Our discussion was based on HOW and WHY I made my decision and how does someone made the decision to join  "ABC Direct Sales Company".   You can fill in that blank with any type of company.

For me it's a process.  I wanted to make the right decision,  at least the right decision for me.   A lot of people that join a direct sales company get caught up in the excitement of the party.  While like most I am an emotional buyer,  when it comes to business I like to believe that I'm very level headed.   After spending years mentoring women's start up businesses as a volunteer mentor I was able to see first hand what tools and resources are available,  how they make a difference.  I could see the difference the change in mind set could be.   I was in awe of the women who knew what they wanted and went after it virus those that just grabbed at the first thing the saw because the were trying to stay afloat.

The REASON for joining a company is almost always a perceived need or wish,  while the decision to work your business and stay with your business may evolve into something completely different.

My first step was to decide what I wanted in a company . . .  training? great products?  consumable?
Next was what I did not want . . .  requirements for certain things?  (be sure to read the fine print here)
Flexibility in my business . . .  so that I work it when and how I want
Training  . . another important thing for me

Other items that made my WANT list:
          American Made Products
          Family Friendly Products
          Marketing support
          Would I be alone or was support there . . . 

Other people have other things that are important to them . . .but make your list.   Make your pros and cons for each company you are considering. . . What do you LOVE about them?   What do you NOT like about them?   Do the Love's outweigh the don't likes?     Are there trade offs your willing to make?

When you have your short list,  talk to the consultants,  see if the personality of the person you are looking at signing up under and your personality are compatible.   Is she the mentor you need,  or the task master you require?  A drill Sargent or more laid back and relaxed?   You know what you need,  so don't be afraid to ask.

This process is much the same for all successful  "Shepreneur's",  the questions can and will be different at some point.  With a little bit of homework,  you can be successful in the Direct Sales business of your choice. 


Psych Babbler said...

Sounds like an interesting many things can be achieved thanks to social media!

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting to get into oils and herbs. It's so vast that it can be overwhelming at times, but I'm having a lot of fun. :)

Michelle Kevil said...

Thank you for sharing such an amazing looking line. I can't wait to shop!