Monday, June 30, 2014

Magnificent Magnesium

While preparing for this months  Wellness Clinic, my newest edition of "Prevention Magazine" came in and one of their topics was "13 Normal Foods with Superpowers" it focused on lowering you blood pressure and it talks about lowering your sodium intake (which we all know about) but eating foods that are high in at least 2 of the 3 POWER MINERALS. The three are calcium, MAGNESIUM and potassium. You'll see from the below that even with a healthy diet that you will find it diffi...cult to eat enough to get enough Magnesium. Magnesium is one of the minerals that are best applied topically.

White Beans 1 cup 30% of Magnesium daily requirement
Quinoa 1/2 cup 15% Magnesium daily requirement
Pork Tenderloin 3 oz 6% Magnesium daily requirement
Fat Free Plain Yogurt 1 cup 12% Magnesium daily requirement
Tilapia 4 oz 8% Magnesium daily requirement
Red Bell Pepper 1 cup raw 4% Magnesium daily requirement
Kale 1 cup 6% Magnesium daily requirement
Sweet Potato 1 med w/skin 8% Magnesium daily requirement
Banana 1 med 8% Magnesium daily requirement
KIWI Fruit 1 fruit 7% of magnesium daily requirement
Peach or Nectarine 1 med 3% of magnesium daily requirement
Avocado 1/2 fruit 5% of magnesium daily requirement.

July's  ONLINE  WELLNESS CLINIC   July 8, 2014  8pm cental time

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