Thursday, June 19, 2014

Testimony Thursday: Magnesium, helps more then aches and pains!

I simply LOVE our Jordan Essentials Magnesium products  and every show that I do,  I completely sell out of what I have in stock.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you a testimony from Darlene about the difference Magnesium has made in her Vitamin D count.

Please let me know if you would like to see additional information on the Benefits of Magnesium.

A little long, but have to share my personal testimony: For almost 2 years, my regular MD had me on 50,000 Vitamin D once a week and after getting blood work done on and off, it always stayed below 30, (30 and above is normal...the higher the better) going down to 27 at one time and 23 the last time.  At the end of March, it was recommended that I should see an Endocrinologist for help in getting my level up. He ran tests and kept me on the 50,000/once a week dose again of Vitamin D and said he would recheck me in June/checkup was last Thursday on the 12th.

 A little over a month ago, a link was shared with wonderful information about Magnesium and it helping your body absorb Calcium, Vitamin D and other important vitamins. JE came out with Magnesium Products this past Spring, and I thought...let's give it a try, so I've been using our Magnesium Lotion on my hands and doing Magnesium Dead Sea Salt Soaks during the last Month. Today, I received a call from my Endo's office and the nurse said the Dr. went over my blood test results and wants me to continue on same prescription. He had told me last week that if needed, he would adjust my prescription and I may have to be on maintenance. I will be following up with him again in December. I was curious on what my number/count was so I asked her......and she said 33.7!!! Yes, blaming the Magnesium. lol I will follow up again on my count in December. So excited! 

Jordan Essentials Magnesium products are available in  Peppermint Magnesium Lotion (we've added Peppermint Essential Oil)  along with Unscented Lotion and Dead Sea Salts.

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