Thursday, August 14, 2014

Testimony Thursday: Herbal Blend works my Cluster Headaches

Testimony Tuesday:
                             Herbal Blend Headache

Shelly H:   I have to say, Since I've tried this Headache spray, I think this has become my new favorite! I am a sufferer of cluster headaches. Using this spray or the roll on, applied to the right pressure points really takes the headache away. The other day at work, a co-worker was suffering from a headache. I asked him if he was open to try something other than the regular Ibuprofen or aspirin and he agreed. I showed him how to apply and within 40 minutes his headache was gone. I could tell because his eyes were no longer red and watery. He definitely had a relieved look about him. He couldn't believe that Essential Oils could relieve his headache that quickly. This is definitely a new MUST HAVE for my medicine cabinet. The best part is, I no longer have to take aspirin or headache relievers that will upset my stomach.

Headache is available in both  rollon  and spritzer

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