Thursday, August 21, 2014

Testimony Thursday: Kids need it to!

Testimony Thursday:

Lisa D:  I love, love, love the skin relief shea butter. I love how it can be used for such a wide variety of skin issues and is so effective. My 4 year old nephew has suffered from a form of eczema on his feet since he was a baby. My sister tried everything but nothing seemed to work, especially in the summertime. He'd cry and hobble around like an old man because his feet hurt so much. On our family vacation this summer he let me put skin relief lotion on his feet and then 'seal the deal' with my lotion bar. Within days his feet looked and felt SO much better! He even let me get a sliver out of his foot saying "Auntie Lisa makes my feet feel better, not hurt anymore!" (The pictures don't do it justice - the first picture is before using the skin relief but after days/weeks of a steroid cream! The second picture is after one week of skin relief/lotion bar)

Skin Relief is available in both 4 oz tube and 8 oz tub

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