Sunday, August 3, 2014

Product Shout Out: Oh what a relief! F:     Product Shout Out:

Bought this for my mom as the testimonies in regards to it helping with pain are good. My mom has been experiencing pain in her arms and tenderness to the touch. Me liking a more holistic approach have been searching the internet for months. I bought this product Tuesday from Wealthy Sister Network member Catherine James and it arrived today. I had my mom lotion up her arms. 1hr later I asked her how her arms felt she reported soooo much better. She can even lift them a little higher than before. I just asked her again 8hrs later and she still had relief from the pain & tenderness. I can't wait to see her using this for 1 week!! Now to find a solution for her foot!!!!

Thanks for sharing Catherine!
#HappyCustomer #PainRelief #LovingMyMom
— feeling thankful.
Just love when I wake up in the morning to a customer testimony!     Our Magnesium is available in Unscented and Peppermint.  Also in purse size lotion and Dead Sea Soak.

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