Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Clean Green

For years I never thought about what I used to clean my home with,  just so it got rid of the stale smells.   But that has changed.  After a couple of rushed trips to the emergency room with my Sister Susan came to Houston to visit because we walked into a restraurant and they were using a "clorine based bleach" to clean.   I started paying attention to what I use, realizing how drastic "bleach" can affect someone.

Here is a great receipe for "SAFE BLEACH"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wonderful time!

They say what happens in VEGAS,  STAYS IN VEGAS,  however nothing is secret with all the pictures that my Niece Hannah posted on Facebook, celebrating  her 21st Birthday.

Several years ago,  my mom promised Hannah that when she turned 21 she would take her to Las Vegas to see Chris Angel.   We made it a girls trip,  Hannah and my Mom of course,  sisters Susan and Elizabeth,  and nieces Gwen and Beth.  

I loved every minute of it,  even though I left my donation in Las Vegas.  Nothing could compare to the time and opportunity to spend 3 1/2 days with family.   So glad that I didn't forget to take my magnesium lotion.    One would think that with all the time that I spent at the one armed bandits (and yes they are bandits) that I would have had trouble even getting in 5,000 steps per day.  However I had 2 days of  over 18,000 steps and one with over 15,000 . . that while everyone cheered with me when I hit my 10,000 steps and my Fitbit started vibrating,  my legs were not cheering,  but screaming,  especially at the end of the day.   I can honestly say that the magnesium lotion made all the difference in being able to sleep and move the next day to do it ALL over again.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October!

October has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  When I lived in Pennsylvania,  I loved the changing of Colors.  Now that I've been in TEXAS for more years that I care to share,  I realize just how much I miss the changing of the leaves. . . now I wait on the temperatures to break.

Saw this picture and it so reminded me of  the October.   I have two neices still up in Pennsylavania where their babies are all close in age,  and when I look at this I see them :)

PS:  I also find myself wondering how they got them to hold still so long

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

National Mud Pack Day

Yes,  today September 30th is  National Mad Pack Day.   I was at an event earlier this year,  that was an absolute mud hole,  and it's been months and I think the mud is still glued to my boots.    I used to feel like that when I used the "OLD MUD PACK" when I was a teenager to help with my acme.  Hated every minute of it.

Because of those past experiences I was always reluctant to use a Mud Pack,  or even try our Clay mask.  NOW  I'm wishing I had tried it years ago,  when we first came out with it.    

Let me introduce you to the Jordan Essentials Clay Mask

The below picture is of another associate (not me) using our Clay Mask

So I have a personal Special going on TODAY to  Celebrate National Mud Pack Day,  anyone placing an order on my webstore that includes the Clay Mask  will be entered into a drawing for our:

Berry Alpha Lipoic Mask  

All Qualified Entries will be placed into Random.org for the drawing and will the WINNER will be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When Coffee is just not Enough

Today is National Coffee Day!

When Coffee just is not enough  try our Energy Herbal Support Blend for that added boost of energy!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Things always happen in threes . . .

Things always happen in three's is something that both my Mom and My Grandma used to always tell me.  I have to agree,  good of bad it always seems to come in three's.

Well it turns out that Jordan Essentials is no different. . . but sometimes it takes me awhile to grasp that fact.     I started using the  Age Defying Serum when it first came out,  but how would not want to defy the signs of aging.      Then I added the Multi-Peptide Firming Serum with Vitamin C  a few months after we came out with it.  (Yes I now know I really should have started it without dragging my feet)

Then we came out with TIME REWIND,  well I of course did not need this one.  After all I have a sister that is 4 years younger than me,  but I look younger (must be the products I'm using).  So I held out.  And held out some more.   NOW I can safely say that I was  WAITING for the NEW  TIME REWIND GEL to come out!

I can use the excuse that when you're getting dressed at 5:30 am every morning you do not look at yourself that closely to see those little fine lines  around your  eyes,  then your forehead,  and  what scared me to death when I saw it close up at a reasonable hour was my  UPPER LIP!

Now it's the Jordan Essentials TRIO  every day for ME . . so I guess Mom and Grandma were right,  good things  DO come in three's.

If you would like more information about
 the Age-Defying Serum orthe Multi-Peptide Firming Serum with Vitamin C
Please email me at Catherine@CathyJELady.com 

As an extra bonus the first 10 people to email me at  Catherine@CathyJELady.com 
will receive a FREE Sample of the NEW TIME REWIND GEL

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun Sunday: Fall Dog Treats

Thought that this would be a little different for my Jordan Essentials Blog,  but since we have 4 rescuse dogs at work (My Sister's Tyson,  and Max at this office,  and Rex and Cassy at our other office) and that Jordan Essentials is safe for every member of your family including your 4 legged FUR BABIES.   Plus is sound good enough for us humans!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Stay Away Spray -- Just for those Monsters and Ghosts

Ohhh,  this is a MUST HAVE for every Grandma, 
Auntie,  Mimi and Mom
Just a little something to  help protect the little ones from those Monsters and Ghosts that live in the dark reaches of every kids's room!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Who does not need more ENERGY and better SLEEP!

Jordan Essentials Herbal Blends ENERGY and SLEEP are the perfect duo!  Check out these great tips. 

Our September Hostess DEAL is the perfect way to get both,  you just need a $200.00 Party
They can be purchased separately online

Monday, September 14, 2015

A must have for cold and flu season

Our Immune Rollon is ALWAYS in my purse.  Since I do so much networking, traveling and so forth I never want to be without it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do you battle over Bedtime?

As we begin the week,  and you are listening to the recurring argument about going to bed early.  Why do I have to have a bedtime?   What ever the questions and arguments that you get.  Now you can print this out and tell them  SEE IT'S ON THE INTERNET,  SO IT IS HAS TO BE

Friday, September 11, 2015

If you suffer from Migraines you need to try our Magnesium Lotion!

 Our customers tell us how it has helped them battle even their worst headaches!

Available in both Unscented and Peppermint. Contact your Consultant and be sure and get your bottle today!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine Awareness Week!

Looking for something to ease your aching head?

Try our Headache Herbal Support Blend.

When we first came out with Headache, Dr. Faith Nelson, used me as the class model, as I had a Headache that a about a 9 on the scale, and would have blown off the training class if I would have been staying at the motel vs at a friends home. . She showed us massage points, pressure points and used both the Spray and Roll On. The Roll On is always in by purse. The spray also sits on my desk at work, and one at home. I used to do 6 - 8 excedrin daily, I'm down to 2 or 4 a week. Just been  using our Headache Herbal Blend. You see by day I run a family business, stressful -- especially on those days that my husband and my father are expressing "A" personalities on the same day!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Tip: 8 Ways to Spritz up your life

I love our Jordan Essentials Spritzers!  I keep one in my travel suitcase to help freshen up the Hotel Rooms.   Keep another in the Fridge that feels great when I come in from outsize or right after the shower.  Just cools my body right down.  Check these 8 tips.   
Spritzers are available in our signature scents,  essential oils and herbal blends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Do you know the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian Cancer is not something that I paid much attention to,  because I have been without mine for a lot of years,  due to other medical problems.  But a good friend and Jordan Essential Sister (we joined within weeks of each other) has been battling this Cancer for awhile.  This morning before going into surgery she forwarded this and I thought it would be great to share . .

Praying for you Darlene

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Lemon Essential Oil to make your day Brighter!

When I think of Lemon Essential Oil,  Lemon Juice  I remember putting Lemon Juice on my hair when I was going to go outside to mow the lawn or play in the pull.  It was my way to help lighten my darkening hair.  It was wonderful because it added "LIFE" to my hair.

Now, the  "OLDER" me,  looks at Lemon Essential Oil and thinks WHAT ELSE can I use it for. . . Love the SCENT!

I can still add it to my hair,  but not so much for the lightening,  but for the wonderful scent.   Used the dropper to add a drop or two to my Shampoo this morning,  and next time I'm going to be outside for awhile I'll take the Lemon Spritzer and Spritz my Hair before going out in the sun.

TIP:  One of the first Bottle of Lemon Essential Oil I sold was to one of my customers,  Myra . . and she purchased it so that she could add a drop or two to the  kitchen trash, in between take outs, to help keep a fresh scent!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Super Strains of lice spread -- Try Jordan Essentials

My Jordan Essentials Customers have been using Jordan Essential Tea Tree oil (a not chemical way to deal with and help to protect against Head Lice.    


Super-strains of lice spread to 25 states: Are they in yours?

Head lice, long the bane of parents and kids across the country, are becoming a much worse problem: Strains of the pesky parasites that are resistant to most over-the-counter treatments have now been found in at least 25 states.

Mother treating daughter's hair against liceShutterstock
The spread of an ultra-strain of lice means you'll need to use a higher dose of chemical to kill them.
Lice — and other insects — are increasingly becoming resistant to pyrethroids, the active ingredients in most OTC concoctions, according to Kyong Yoon, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University—Edwardsvillle. Yoon was part of the research team that initially discovered the new ultra-resistant strains.
In a new study, Yoon and his colleagues decided to find out how widespread these resistant strains were.
"We collected 109 lice populations and 104 had high levels of gene mutations," Yoon reported at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.
Researchers are finding thathead lice that are becoming resistant to OTC treatments.Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Researchers are finding that head lice that are becoming resistant to OTC treatments. Red states: 100 percent of the tested lice were resistant. Orange states: 50 to 90 percent of lice were resistant. Yellow states: 1 percent to 49 percent were resistant. Blue states: Data hasn't been analyzed yet. White states haven't been tested.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Me Monday: Busy Day Ahead?

David and I are driving back home from a WONDERFUL week at a ranch in Colorado.  The quite, relaxing and fun was something that we really needed.

That being said,  I know that when I get to the office in the morning I'll be hitting the ground running.  I'll have my "ENERGY ROLLON"  but I have a feeling that I might think about Spritzing my entire office on an hourly basis with "ENERGY SPRITZER" . .  because not only will it be a busy day,  but it'll be tough changing gears from our "REAL VACATION"

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Testimony Thursday: Wound Care 101 - Jordan Essentials Style

This coming weekend,  is the Run up Pikes Peak . . and Ron Bogart,  our Founders and CEO's husband will be making that run. . . but in his perperation for this run,  he had a boo-boo.

So  Wound Care 101 Jordan Essentials style ... Magnesium Dead Sea soak with Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oils and soak for 20 minutes. (Ron slid down a hill while preparing for the Pikes Peak run).

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Healthy and Yummy After School Snack

When I first saw the idea,  my mouth just started watering,  and I had to run to the grocery store to get some fresh fruit.  Tasted so good.   It's just one of those reminders that many of us need.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Me Monday: Why Essential Oils

More years than I care to remember,  I remember my Grandmother being sick,  and I knew that I wanted to have a healthier way of life. . . then life got in the way,  and while I had an interest in Essential Oils I did not know where to turn to find information.  As the years past I did some research and knew that I wanted to lean toward the Essential Oils,  but I was scared.  Yep scared,  it seemed that a trip to the Allergy Doctor has me allergic to almost anything that grows.

But I learned over the years that if the essential oil is pure enough, and it's used in small doses,  and added to a "carrier"  most do not bother my allergies.  I found an essential oil that depending on the brand worked for me,  and it was my go to  "TEA TREE".   I was ever so excited when the DS company I represented came out with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Herbal Blends,  but provided us training,  sharing information and so much more.  

This graphic helps to explain, in concise terms, why I turn to Essential Oils first whenever I can.

Now,  Jordan Essentials has expanded the line to include not only the dropper bottles,  but Roll On's and Spritzers. . . 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy Sunday

David and I are getting ready for  what I know will be a WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL Week.  Today we arrive at a RANCH outside of Buena Vista CO,  it's been over 20 years since we have been here,  and when we left we decided that we would be back.  However,  life and our family business got in the way.  But we made ourselves a promise that THIS YEAR would be the YEAR.

TODAY we will be arriving and we are so looking forward a restful, re-energizing week in the Mountains.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Do your teenagers struggle with Acne?

Do your teenagers struggle with Acne? 

Have your tried everything and nothing is working to keep their skin clear? 

At Jordan Essentials we offer a full line of Acne Support products and send them back to school with clear skin!! Keep their minds on schoolwork and less on their acne breakouts! 

If you would like more information about the different types of Acne,  and suggests for each  email me today!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Those Pesky School Bugs . . here's what you do

We all know about those pesky back to school bugs! Here are some ways Tea Tree Essential Oil can help combat those pesky bugs!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Check out my Jordan Essentials Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2015

August 7th through August 9th

I know that AUGUST can be a trying time for ALL of YOU with Children heading Back to School  and as my THANK YOU  I too will be offering a TAX FREE WEEKEND (no matter what state you are in)

There are two ways that you can order,  
  1. check out our NEW ELECTRONIC FALL CATALOG  and call or email me with your order,  and I will get the order placed less the sales tax
  2. click on the Back to School Link,  place your order and I will re-emburse you the Sales Tax

As an extra BONUS,  everyone placing a $35.00 or more order (before tax and shipping) will be entered into a drawing for a tube of SKIN RELIEF
Drawing will be Monday August 10th, utilizing Random.org

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Retirement News from Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Announces Retiring Items

Like with all companies, we're getting ready for our new catalog to come out,  and so you might want to consider stocking up if one of your ALL TIME favorites is on this list.   

Not to worry, we'll have WONDERFUL NEW products coming out that complement our other products and these will be available in the NEW Catalog coming out August 1. 

Retired Fragrances:
Lavender Mint
Grapefruit & Lime
Lemongrass Citrus
Coconut Papaya
Clarity Essential Oil

Deodorant will be in 5 fragrances, all other fragrances will be discontinued :
1. Oatmeal Milk & Honey
2. Black Raspberry Vanilla
3. Bergamot & Sandalwood
4. Sea Spa
5. Unscented

Hand Sanitizer will be in 3 fragrances
1. Oatmeal Milk & Honey
2. Sea Spa
3. Black Raspberry Vanilla
Eye Shadows
Emerald Green  and Lavender
Discontinued Products
Body Powder
Bronzing Powder
Brush Cleaner
Eye and Lip Primer
Hair Mask - Out of stock
Lip Butter: Ravishing Raisin due to a manufacturer discontinuing

Liters of shampoo and conditioner. We will have 17 ounce sizes. Prices to be announced

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Afraid of the Dentist?

Is your child scared of the Dentist? 

Orange Essential Oil to the rescue.

Orange Essential Oil can help reduce anxiety. Mix with your favorite JE product and apply before their next visit.
Contact me today to get your Orange Essential Oil.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another Magnesium Testimony -- help with Sever's Disease

Amanda H
I believe it was last week sometime, I posted a question about Sever's Disease and our Mag Line. I wanted to hop on to update y'all.
First let me start with a quick little lesson on Sever's Disease. It's a growth issue where the growth plate in the heal grows faster than the tendons and ligaments around it. It's like a severe growing pain that gets worse with activity. Its supposed to be a temporary issue. 

My 10 year old nephew was diagnosed in the fall. His case has progressively gotten worse over time. His mom, at her wits end, was ready to make the call to ortho to talk possible casting and pulling him from his dream of soccer. Anything to make her kid better, right? Then one night, it hit me like a ton of bricks... "MAG LINE YA BIG DUMMY!!" I texted her right away and took samples to her the following morning. My nephew couldn't walk without pain. She said he just cried and screamed in pain. He missed a few days of school because of this. 

Here I am, happy to report to you that after only a week of using the Pep Mag sample a couple times a day, my nephew is continuing to play soccer and hasn't missed any school due to the pain it brings his Sever's. He is still a little sore following a game or practice, but not in the excruciating pain that he was before. I got a few samples in of the Mag DSS for them to try. After trying everything, short of quitting soccer and casts, that the doctors recommended this boy is finally experiencing some relief because of a product that we carry! His mom has already started recommending it to other players' moms!
I am so happy to have been able to help him!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love that there is no lead in our Lip Butter

I love our lip butter,  but I think that it's important to know that one of my regular customers Mary A.  just absolutely LOVES the way her lips are so kissable soft,  and always having been a "Popular Poppy" fan,  has now fallen in love with "Copper Cutie"  (my personal favorite)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Love Yourself!

Lucille Ball was always a favorite of mine when I was growing up,  I was shocked one day to learn that the Grand Father of my Best Friend in High School, dated Lucy in Jamestown NY before she ran off to find the bright lights of show business.  I think that was my first taste of how small the world can be,  and that it is possible to achieve your dreams.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Over 3 million Lotion Bars!

This is Nancy Bogart,  founder and CEO of Jordan Essentials!

"I love our Lotion Bar. I invented it 15 years ago and this little baby is still unique, and going strong.

I just took a picture for the fall catalog I call the history of the Lotion Bar photo!  I was worried I would loose some of those older bars and labels. The top one I printed on my home computer 15 years and 3 million lotion bars ago!" 

Love her Makeup -- all Jordan Essentials Minerals

The Lotion Bar is what got me started with Jordan Essentials,  then called Country Bunny Bath and Body. 

It so solved the problem that I was having with cracking, bleeding heels. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

22 Little known Dangers of Magnesium Deficiency

If you've been reading my blog,  you know that Magnesium is something that I have brought up here,  because I've personally seen the benefits,  not just for my customers,  but in my personal life.  This is one product that I use daily.  

I am constantly on a mission to  learn new things that we need to know to take better care of ourselves. 

FYI - Jordan Essentials has Magnesium lotion that is 95% magnesium, just enough lotion in it so it's easy to apply. What on your skin is in your system in 26 seconds.  I thought that this would be a wonderful article to share with you.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tutorial: Which Makeup Brush for What?

I used to hate to use makeup brushes,  as they were always so rough on my skin,  or would leave bristles all over. . . not the case now,  I LOVE my Jordan Essentials Makeup Brushes.

I think that my personal favorite is the Kabuki Brush!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Testimony: Magnesium Benefits

Customer testimonies are one of the many reasons our Founder Nancy Bogart, started Jordan Essentials. She wanted healthy, safe, and effective skin care for her family and yours! 

We are so proud to offer our Magnesium products to your family

Magnesium is also one of my favorite products.  Now that David and I are exercising on a regular basis,  it provides so much relief to our sore muscles.   A couple weeks ago I attended a conference for 2 days (the biggest of it's type in the world).  Well I didn't even make it through a 1/3 of the show in those 2 days,  but I more than tripled the amount of my normal daily steps.  I can tell you that I would not have survived to walk the next few days if it had not been for my Magnesium Lotion and Dead Sea Salts.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Have a Beautiful Sunday

Love when David and I are able to get away for the weekend.  . . Wishing each of you a Beautiful Sunday,  doing whatever makes you happy.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Eucalyptus Oil is so amazing!! 

You can combine with JE Multi-Purpose Oil or Unscented Lotion to remedy burns, blisters, wounds, insect bites, or any skin irritation. Or maybe you’re struggling with a bad cough, diffuse Eucalyptus to relieve colds and congestion!

If you would like more information about Eucalyptus Essential Oil  email me today

#ThePowerOfEssentialOils #Eucalyptus#JordanEssentials.com

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Testimony: Aluminum Free Deodorant

Jordan Essentials  Aluminum-Free Deodorant. Odor fighting, earth-friendly ingredients like Beeswax and Shea Butter. Plant-based science keeps your body functioning in a healthy way. 

See what our Customers have to say about our healthy, safe, and effective Aluminum-Free Deodorant.

Grapefruit Lime is my personal favorite.   

TIP:  In the Houston Head and Humidity sometimes I need a little extra and a pat of our Natural Powder is the perfect addition for that extra dryness.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Testimony: Pain Relief . . .

Thursday Testimony!

Do you experience muscle aches, joint pain, migraines, or insomnia? Magnesium Lotion to the rescue! See what customers are saying about how well it has worked for them.