Friday, January 2, 2015

My Career . . .in retrospect

It's hard to believe that 14 years ago last week I joined a company called Country Bunny Bath and Body that would later grow into Jordan Essentials.  My only concern at the time was that "Every Winter my heels would crack and bleed.  It hurt to even walk".  I had a friend who told me that there as a fairly new company offering a lotion bar,  and that it would help.  Well it's under $10.00 I'll by one and when it does not work,  I'm not out anything.    Little did I know how that would change my life.   After about just a few days of use I noticed the difference,  and decided that I was a customer for life.  No intentions of selling,  then friends started noticing that I was not having a problem walking because of my feet and asked what I was using,  so I started selling for a few friend and to pay for my quickly developing "NEEDS" for myself and family.  Then my team started growing and expanding,  as well as the wonderful "Made in USA" products that Jordan Essentials now offers.

When I look back on just 2014 I look at all the wonderful things that have come to pass in Jordan Essentials

  • e-wallet -- so commissions can be drawn down at any time
  • Success Rocket -- to help new consultants get started complete with Videos
  • Smart Starts gives you "Freebie's" in your first 90 days,  including FREE products for meeting goals
  • Cash Bonuses
  • professional marketing tools for you use
  • Monthly POD's with everything you need for your parties,  including "ONLINE"
  • wonderful training from big names
  • Challenge rewards throughout the year
  • Cruise
  • Military Appreciation Program  (Free sign ups for Military Spouses, Active Military and Retired Military)
  •  . . . . . . the list just goes on
Looking forward to 2015,  I see that January is the perfect time to join the Jordan Essentials Family .   In addition to everything included with your starter kit.  When you hold your "Starter Party"  you can :
  • make your smart start bonuses, 
  • PLUS,  become a gold hostess and receive that FREE gift, 
  • PLUS   as your own hostess,  you can receive the extra $50.00 in hostess rewards,  allowing you to further build your kit with the products you use or want to have on hand for you 
  • PLUS you receive the commission from your sales at your launch party into you e-wallet

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