Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another Magnesium Testimony -- help with Sever's Disease

Amanda H
I believe it was last week sometime, I posted a question about Sever's Disease and our Mag Line. I wanted to hop on to update y'all.
First let me start with a quick little lesson on Sever's Disease. It's a growth issue where the growth plate in the heal grows faster than the tendons and ligaments around it. It's like a severe growing pain that gets worse with activity. Its supposed to be a temporary issue. 

My 10 year old nephew was diagnosed in the fall. His case has progressively gotten worse over time. His mom, at her wits end, was ready to make the call to ortho to talk possible casting and pulling him from his dream of soccer. Anything to make her kid better, right? Then one night, it hit me like a ton of bricks... "MAG LINE YA BIG DUMMY!!" I texted her right away and took samples to her the following morning. My nephew couldn't walk without pain. She said he just cried and screamed in pain. He missed a few days of school because of this. 

Here I am, happy to report to you that after only a week of using the Pep Mag sample a couple times a day, my nephew is continuing to play soccer and hasn't missed any school due to the pain it brings his Sever's. He is still a little sore following a game or practice, but not in the excruciating pain that he was before. I got a few samples in of the Mag DSS for them to try. After trying everything, short of quitting soccer and casts, that the doctors recommended this boy is finally experiencing some relief because of a product that we carry! His mom has already started recommending it to other players' moms!
I am so happy to have been able to help him!


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