Monday, August 10, 2015

Me Monday: Why Essential Oils

More years than I care to remember,  I remember my Grandmother being sick,  and I knew that I wanted to have a healthier way of life. . . then life got in the way,  and while I had an interest in Essential Oils I did not know where to turn to find information.  As the years past I did some research and knew that I wanted to lean toward the Essential Oils,  but I was scared.  Yep scared,  it seemed that a trip to the Allergy Doctor has me allergic to almost anything that grows.

But I learned over the years that if the essential oil is pure enough, and it's used in small doses,  and added to a "carrier"  most do not bother my allergies.  I found an essential oil that depending on the brand worked for me,  and it was my go to  "TEA TREE".   I was ever so excited when the DS company I represented came out with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Herbal Blends,  but provided us training,  sharing information and so much more.  

This graphic helps to explain, in concise terms, why I turn to Essential Oils first whenever I can.

Now,  Jordan Essentials has expanded the line to include not only the dropper bottles,  but Roll On's and Spritzers. . . 

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