Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Lemon Essential Oil to make your day Brighter!

When I think of Lemon Essential Oil,  Lemon Juice  I remember putting Lemon Juice on my hair when I was going to go outside to mow the lawn or play in the pull.  It was my way to help lighten my darkening hair.  It was wonderful because it added "LIFE" to my hair.

Now, the  "OLDER" me,  looks at Lemon Essential Oil and thinks WHAT ELSE can I use it for. . . Love the SCENT!

I can still add it to my hair,  but not so much for the lightening,  but for the wonderful scent.   Used the dropper to add a drop or two to my Shampoo this morning,  and next time I'm going to be outside for awhile I'll take the Lemon Spritzer and Spritz my Hair before going out in the sun.

TIP:  One of the first Bottle of Lemon Essential Oil I sold was to one of my customers,  Myra . . and she purchased it so that she could add a drop or two to the  kitchen trash, in between take outs, to help keep a fresh scent!

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