Monday, September 21, 2015

Things always happen in threes . . .

Things always happen in three's is something that both my Mom and My Grandma used to always tell me.  I have to agree,  good of bad it always seems to come in three's.

Well it turns out that Jordan Essentials is no different. . . but sometimes it takes me awhile to grasp that fact.     I started using the  Age Defying Serum when it first came out,  but how would not want to defy the signs of aging.      Then I added the Multi-Peptide Firming Serum with Vitamin C  a few months after we came out with it.  (Yes I now know I really should have started it without dragging my feet)

Then we came out with TIME REWIND,  well I of course did not need this one.  After all I have a sister that is 4 years younger than me,  but I look younger (must be the products I'm using).  So I held out.  And held out some more.   NOW I can safely say that I was  WAITING for the NEW  TIME REWIND GEL to come out!

I can use the excuse that when you're getting dressed at 5:30 am every morning you do not look at yourself that closely to see those little fine lines  around your  eyes,  then your forehead,  and  what scared me to death when I saw it close up at a reasonable hour was my  UPPER LIP!

Now it's the Jordan Essentials TRIO  every day for ME . . so I guess Mom and Grandma were right,  good things  DO come in three's.

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