Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Talcum/Baby Powder & Ovarian Cancer

Over and over again I'm reminded that it takes only 26 seconds to get from your skin to your blood stream.  This has been a constant reminder from all types of sources.  

When you think of "Babies"  what "Brand Name" comes to you mind first . . . I think we're all thinking the same one.   Now I don't remember what my Mom used on me when I was a baby.  But I do know that with my  two youngest sisters,  my Mom always wanted "Corn Starch" based baby powder but back then it was not so easy to find.  

Now I learn that one of the products that I used regularly while growing was filled with Talcum powder,  not that I would have known at the time that Talcum was a filler with serious represcussions.     So much so that even now that "Brand Name" has changed their product because of it.

Women who were diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after using Talcum/Baby Powder may be eligible for compensation. Check out  Talcum/Baby Powder & Ovarian Cancer to see if you qualify to submit a claim.

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