Friday, September 30, 2016

What a week! I've so much to be Thankful for.

You know how it is when you have your week all planned out?  It's going to be a busy week but you've done everything that you can to line everyone and everything out to funtion.  You've got a GREAT TEAM,  you know they can pull it off

Then that one thing happens . . .  and you have to dig down deep to find that ENERGY to keep going.  
Well that was me this week,

I started off the week excited,  because it was the first time that our family business,  Dixie Cullen  was going to have a vendor table at "Break Bulk Conference"  reaching out to a very important maket for us.  

We were cutting it close on printed material beind delivered,  but it arrived just in the knick of time,  we got the booth set up the the show begins with a kick off party Tuesday night.  Music was loud so by the time I realized that my phone was ringing,  I missed the call.   Looked at the number  thought it was the alarm company calling (assuming that given the time someone set the alarm off while setting it at work).  But I called right back and they gave me the address.   Then I realized it was not something at work,  but the MEDIC ALERT company  calling to tell me my mother fell in the driveway and could not get up,  and her elbow was bleeding and that emergency services had been dispatched.   My Dad was the first one there (that will be a story for another day)  but he called my sister and she was on her way down there,   they had to wait on an ambulance to transport my mother was they had to bring it in from the medical center,  since everything closer was in use.

So  Elizabeth and I did our usual,  she stayed with Mom  and after the show ended that night I went to get Dad situation.    Home about 10:30  -- operation for Mom at 8:30 Wednesday am.

5:30 am at the office get them lined out,  then onto the Conference . . . receiving updates from my sister and niece on Mom,  10:30 still waiting,   AC down in several of the operating rooms so they could not be used so massive back log . . . left show,  went to Dads,  rounded up the growing list of things Mom needed to head to the hospital to relieve Elizabeth.  Turns out Mom was kicking her out to go home,  as the surgery is now scheduled for 5 am Thursday.   (Did I forget to mention that my youngest sister was having surgery on Wednesday for Breast Cancer).

Long and short   Mom has a New Hip,  Conference was a GREAT Success,  Sister is doing well,  Dad is much better  and I feel like I could crawl back into bed and sleep for 12 hours,  but that is not going to happen for at least the next month!   So  as I'm typing this the fog cleared enough to remember the Energy Herbal Blend Rollon in my desk that is there and I never use.    So I applied and after just a few minutes of breathing in,  I'm ready to face the day,  not enough to change the world, but able to keep it all together.  I'm sliding it into my pocket now.

I also want to share a big THANK YOU to all my friends that sent their prayers for my Mom,  for Grace who was relaying messages,  and talking to me on the way home from my day to be sure that I stayed awake while driving (and not the first time over the years she's been there).   To my niece Christi for pulling the strings she did (while up in PA now,  she worked on the floor that my Mom is on and knew everyone there),  and to my office Staff for keeping everything together and watching out for Dad while everything was going on.  To Elizabeth for being with Mom every step of the way.  And most of all to GOD for watching over all of us and putting all of you in my life.

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