Monday, October 24, 2016

The Mother of all Headaches

I was so happy to see the weather change here in the Houston area,  made for a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities.   That being said the change in weather also brought on the mother of all Migraines.   

If you are prone to Migraines,  you know what I'm talking about --  watering eyes, upset stomach,  sensitive to light and noise.  Not to mention feeling like someone is hitting your head with a sledge hammer.   

For me they come on without warning,  it's like an explosion goes off.  My first thought is to suffer through and see if it goes away.   Now after all the years that I've battled these headaches I know better,  but I didn't want to move as I know that does not help the situation.   But then I remembers what does help.    I know that it used to take at least 6 extra strenght excedrin and laying down in a dark quiet room for several hours to quell the pain enough to semi-function for the next 3 days (the usual duration).

However that has changed for me.  Now I reach for 2 Extra Strength excedrin,  then the Jordan Essentials  Headache Herbal Blend rollon,  then the Peppermint Magnesium Lotion.

First I take the Excedrin,  the I grab the  Headache Herbal Blend Rollon  applying to the back of my head and neck and along my hair line applying pressure.   Next I grab the Peppermint Magnesium Lotion.   Apply to my stomach and the back of my neck.   In less then 30 minutes my headache has gone from a 9 on my headache pain scale to about a 2.   

My headache rollon and the magnesium lotion are ALWAYS with me.

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