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ACME:  Oily Basic Face Care; Acme Treatment Gel, Spa Polish and Clay Mask

ADD/ADHD: Lavender Mint Skin Care Products, Dead Sea Salts Soaks; Spritzer, Massage Lotion Bar to relax

ALLERGIC REACTION:  Body:  Dead Sea Salt Soak  Face: Toner Mist All Over:  Skin Relief Cream

ANXIETY/DEPRESSION:  Aromatherapy Orange Essential Oil or topical in JE Unscented Lotion

ATHLETE’S FOOT:  Tea Tree Oil in foot bath or massage by adding to Jordan Multi-Purpose Oil and massaging feet

BEE STINGS:  Detoxifying Clay mast to draw out the sting and Kin Relief to Soothe

BUG BITES:  Toner Mist; Detoxifying Clay Mask or Dead Sea Mud Mask      PREVENTION:  Lemongrass Spritzer/Lotion

BURNS (MINOR):  Skin Relief Cream with Lavender Essential Oil

COLD SORE (OUTSIDE OF LIP):  Tea Tree Oil with Jordan Multi-Purpose Oil as pain demands.  Acme Treatment Gel with Willow bark, dab on area

COLDS:  Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oil on cotton ball in front of room vaporizer

CRACKS IN SKIN:   Shea Butter to heal; Lotion Bar to Seal

DARK KNEES & ELBOWS:   Salt Scrub, time Rewind Eye Cream to lighten and Shea Butter

DIAPER RASH:  Skin Relief Cream or Shea Butter:  Lotion Bar to protect

DIGESTION:  Orange and Peppermint essential oils with Jordan Multi-Propose Oil on stomach in a clock-wise circular motion.   Diarrhea?  Then reverse the motion.

ECZEMA:  Dead Sea Salt Sea,  Shower gel, Shea and lotion bar to seal

HEADACHES:  Inhale Lavender Oil,  Mix w/Lotion or with JE Caffeine Gel, apply to pressure points

JOINT ACHES & PAINS:  Lavender & Eucalyptus Oils with Jordan Base  Oil and rub areas

MOTION SICKNESS:  Apply Lavender/Peppermint with base oil to nose and ears

OILY FACE:  Mineral Powder and Mineral Veil

POISON IVY/OAK:    OMH Soap, Toner Mist, Dead Sea Body Mask or Clay Mask; Shea Butter

PSORIASIS:   Dead Sea Salt, OMH Soap, Shea Butter and Lotion Bar

RASHES:  Skin Relief Cream

RAZOR BURN/HEAT/RED BUMPS:  After shaving or waxing apply Deodorant or Shea Butter

ROSACEA:  Normal Basic Face Care and Age Defying Serum

SCRAPES:    Skin Relief or Shea Butter

SINUS RELIEF:  Dead Sea Salt Soak in Lavender Mint, Lotion bar for reflexology on hands or feet pressure points

SLEEP ISSUES:  Lavender Mint Spray sprayed on sheets

SPIDERS:  Use Peppermint Oil in spray or on cotton balls around windows

STRETCH MARKS:  Dead Sea Body Mask; Salt Scrub to exfoliate:  Shea Butter

STRESS:  Lavender Mint Skin Care Products, Dead Sea Salts Soaks, Spritzer, Lotion Bar for reflexology on hands or feet pressure points

SUNBURN:  Toner Mist and Skin Relief Cream

SUN-DAMAGED SKIN:  Basic Face Care; Multi-Peptide Serum, Alpha-Hydroxy Mask

WRINKLES:    Shea Cherry Lip Butter, Age Defying Serum, Multi Peptide Serum, Time Rewind Eye Cream

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